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Visual Work

My first film was Third Party, a look at the barriers that block US political parties from growing and thriving. I followed that up with Preventive Warriors, an in-depth investigation of the National Security Strategy of pre-emptive (or more accurately "preventive") war in 2004. My next project was my doctoral dissertation, Majority Rules, a documentary looking at perceptions of democracy in six countries. Next was Laban, an exploration of the Filipino EDSA revolution from the 80s. And my most recent documentary is EMDR, the most comprehensive film to date on the most effective treatment for PTSD in the world: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

Third Party                    Preventive Warriors                    Majority Rules




                                      Laban                                     EMDR



I have also made hundreds of short videos for schools, NGOs, and businesses in the US and abroad. Some samples are below.

        WIEGO              Tall Tales Retreat               ISDI              Chase Collegiate

     Mentoring                  Tall Tales           Bombay Connect    Vera Solutions

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